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• +LJK ÀRZ UDWH XS WR OWU JDO PLQ OWU JDO KU • Fitted with height DGMXVWDEOH DXWRPDWLF low water cut-out. • 0D[LPXP 3DUWLFOH Size: 40mm. • Minimum Water Depth: 53mm. • 0D[LPXP +HDG PWU • Model No. WPD415 • List Price £148.45 417ltr/min High Flow Automatic Submersible Dirty Water Pump 230V • Economically designed petrol powered water pump with recoil starting. • Suitable for on site applications where mains power supply is not available. • Featuring 50mm inlet/ outlet with 26mtr SXPSLQJ KHDG RႇHULQJ D KLJK ÀRZ UDWH XS WR 600ltr/min of water. • Protected by frame from accidental damage. • Model No. EWP050 • List Price £349.95 Ø50mmWater Pump 5.5hp Petrol • 6SRW %URDGFDVW VSUD\HUV VXLWDEOH IRU DWWDFKLQJ WR PRVW DOO WHUUDLQ YHKLFOHV 0RGHO 1R 66 UHTXLUHV 0RGHO 1R 66$ QRW LQFOXGHG WR FRQYHUW WR D EURDGFDVW VSUD\HU • Powered by 12V battery or connected via 12V supply on vehicle. • Quiet running diaphragm pump is pressure DFWLYDWHG SURGXFLQJ D VPRRWK ÀRZ IURP WKH WDQN • Supplied with trigger operated lance providing controlled application. • )HDWXUHV UHPRWH RSHUDWHG RQ Rႇ switch and battery clips. • Tank is manufactured using chemical resistant PDWHULDO DQG LV ¿WWHG ZLWK WDQN GUDLQDJH VSRXW • 7DQN DOVR IHDWXUHV H[WUD WKLFN ZDOOV DQG LV UV-stabilized to prevent fading. • 6XLWDEOH IRU XVH ZLWK D YDULHW\ RI GLႇHUHQW DJHQWV including weed killer, de-icer and for spraying fertilizer. 12V Spot/broadcast Sprayers 6HDOH\ *URXS .HPSVRQ :D\ 6XႇRON %XVLQHVV 3DUN %XU\ 6W (GPXQGV 6XႇRON ,3 $5 3ULFHV H[FOXGH 9$7 XQOHVV RWKHUZLVH VWDWHG 3URPRWLRQ YDOLG IURP VW 6HSWHPEHU WR WK )HEUXDU\ 2ႇHUV ZLOO EH ZLWKGUDZQ ZKHQ VWRFN LV VROG :H UHVHUYH WKH ULJKW WR FKDQJH SURGXFWV DQG SULFLQJ DW DQ\ WLPH 6SHFL¿FDWLRQV DQG GHVFULSWLRQV RQ WKLV SURPRWLRQ DUH JLYHQ LQ JRRG IDLWK EXW PD\ FKDQJH ZLWKRXW QRWLFH DQG GR QRW IRUP DQ\ SDUW RI D VDOH FRQWUDFW ( 2( YOUR LOCAL STOCKIST 75; 67$5 75; 76 DQG 75; 3 WRROV DUH VXLWDEOH IRU GULYLQJ 725; ® DQG 725; 3/86 ® IDVWHQHUV UHVSHFWLYHO\ 725; ® and 725; 3/86 ® are registered trademarks of Acument Intellectual Properties, LLC. sealey tools uoloঞom o7;Ĺ !ƐѶ @sealeytools +44 (0)1284 703534 +44 (0)1284 757500 SCAN ME To visit our website Contact us for your free Catalogue sealeytools sealeytools £239.94 INC. VAT £199.95 EXC. VAT £113.94 INC. VAT £94.95 EXC. VAT Model No. SS60 Model No. SS98 25 • Strong tubular steel frame and polypropylene dispensing hopper. • Spread: 3-3.6mtr. • Pin hitch design attaches to ride-on lawnmowers, can be converted to EDOO KLWFK XVLQJ 0RGHO 1R 7% • Fitted with aluminium gear, rain cover, pneumatic tyres and DGMXVWDEOH IHHG V\VWHP • Includes hopper screen to ease VSUHDGHU ÀRZ DQG ¿OWHU RXW unwanted contaminants. • Sprays in 360° motion. Tow Behind Broadcast Spreaders Model No. Capacity (Weight/Volume) List Price Exc. VAT Inc. VAT SPB57T 57kg/60ltr £214.95 £149.95 £179.94 SPB80T 80kg/88ltr £317.45 £229.95 £275.94 0RGHO 1R 63% 7 • Spread: 1070mm. • Volume: 80ltr. • Pin hitch design attaches to ride-on lawnmowers, can be FRQYHUWHG WR EDOO KLWFK XVLQJ 0RGHO 1R 7% • )LWWHG ZLWK SQHXPDWLF W\UHV DQG DGMXVWDEOH feed system. • Model No. SPD80T • List Price £269.95 80kg Tow Behind Drop Spreader 6RPH PRGL¿FDWLRQ PD\ EH UHTXLUHG 6RPH PRGL¿FDWLRQ PD\ EH UHTXLUHG Model No. Capacity Dimensions (W x D x H) List Price Exc. VAT Inc. VAT SS37 37ltr 711 x 305 x 279mm £117.95 £84.95 £101.94 SS60 60ltr 864 x 368 x 419mm £254.95 £174.95 £209.94 SS98 98ltr 864 x 368 x 622mm £299.95 £199.95 £239.94 £299.94 INC. VAT £249.95 EXC. VAT Sealey app available on Apple and Android